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2007-03 - Christmas Confusion: Keep Christ in WHICH Christmas?
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2007-02 - What Does an Association Need More - Centrality or Community?
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2007-01 - What Does an Association Need More - Loyalty or Scrutiny?
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On the Topic of a Church Association

  • What Is the Purpose of an Association of Churches? (or, What Should It Be?)
  • Association: Fellowship or Fraternity?
  • Ideas for Association Ministry: Legal and Tax Assistance for Pastors and Churches
  • Talents for Christ: Is Ministry Intended to Be Competitive?

On the Topic of Parachurch Organizations

  • Does the Local Church Have Arms? The Difficult Claim of Parachurch Organizations
  • The Irony and Inconsistency of Congregational Rule at FBBC&TS: What Is Taught and Required to Be Affirmed By Graduates, and How Government Is Practiced There
  • Equipping or Entertaining? A Proposal for Bible College Student Local Church Ministry
  • Educational Degree Programs: A Biblical Methodology or Artificial System?

On Local Church Polity

  • The Critical Nature of a Biblically Accurate Church Constitution
  • How Do We Evaluate Our Constitution?
  • Congregational Rule: Is This Really Practiced in Our Churches?
  • Congregational Rule: Is This Really Taught in the Bible?
  • Deacons: Board of Directors or Band of Doers? Are Deacons In Our Churches Functioning as Biblical Deacons?

On Evangelism and Presenting a Clear and Accurate Gospel Message

  • What Must I Do To Be Saved? Presenting a Clear and Accurate Gospel (or, You Can't Get To Heaven By Asking Jesus Into Your Heart)

On Basic Doctrine

  • Baptist Distinctives: Do We Really Believe and Practice These?
  • What Makes You Baptist? Your Church Name or Your Church Beliefs and Behavior?

On Ministry Philosophy

  • The Benefits of Bi-Vocational Ministry
  • The Difficulties of Bi-Vocational Ministry
  • Vocational Ministry: Is It What We Should Encourage Youth to Aim For?
  • Returning to a Church-Based Leadership Training Model
  • Curriculum: Does It Really Help Us?
  • Curriculum: Who's Writing It (and Should They Be?)?
  • Be Not Many Teachers: A Radical Change in Local Church Instruction

On the Relationship Between Local Churches

  • Empires or Enablers? The Question of Growing Big or Encouraging Local Church Membership
  • I'm Leaving: The Curse of Sheep Shifting and Its Extended Effects

On the Family

  • Gender Blender: The Loss of Biblical Distinction of the Roles of Male & Female in the Home and in the Church
  • What Does the Bible Say About Adulthood?
  • What Is the Responsibility of Adult Children to Their Parents?

On Modesty and Purity

  • False Modesty: How We Dress and the Loss of Personal Holiness
  • What Does It Mean to Dress Modestly? It's More Than You Think


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